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True Humility

Do you know what true humility is? It’s putting God 1st & you 2nd. Humility to God & his Word are the first steps to living without worry.

Don't Worry

Don’t allow a concern to become a worry. There’s nothing wrong w/ being concerned, but when you take the pressure it becomes a worry....

Blame God?

Traditions of men lay blame on God when bad things happen. Because he’s all powerful, they assume he’s also all controlling, but he’s not.

Receiver or Earner

There is a difference between being a receiver and an earner. An earner thinks they must merit what God provides thru good behavior. The...

God's Presence

“There is nothing that we need that can’t be found in God’s presence.” #Peace #abundance #Success #Contentment @LifeChurchFMY @RyanDeaton

Take Ownership

If you don’t take ownership over what is yours, someone else will. Someone will control your environment if you let them. @jesse_duplantis

Words of our Mouth

The words of our mouth reveal the conditions of our heart. God is a god of hearts, so make sure your heart is right before him. #joycemeyer

If You Have Faith

If you have faith, you have the substance of things desired. The faith substance is the raw material manifesting the thing desired. #Faith

Many Are Strong

Many are strong in believing God’s ability but weak believing in his willingness. When you gain the knowledge of God, you gain faith in God.

A Man of Sorrows

A Man of sorrows & acquainted w/ grief, Is 53:3. Jesus was acquainted w/ grief. It doesn’t say He lived w/ it or made it his companion....


Stretching is to your body what praying in tongues is to your spirit, cathartic, rejuvenating and necessary daily. #holyspirit #Fitness

Long Term Goals

Long term goals are required to know what daily course adjustments need to be made. Goals often inspire the discipline to make adjustments.

Get Your Hopes UP

Don’t be afraid to get your hopes up. Hope is good. It’s what you need so that the seed of faith in your heart can manifest the...

30% of the Time

30% of time I don’t really feel like reading my Bible but still do. 100% % of time when I read it anyway & feel strengthened & refreshed.

Two Vital Things

2 vital things to learn are what to yield to & what to resist. Christians ought to yield to tongues, & healing, but resist fear & strife.

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